Understanding How Vision Boards Impact Your RAS (Reticular Activating System)

By now most everyone on the planet are either creating vision boards or at the very least know what a vision board is. Vision boards have existed in some form or another since the cave man era. Currently, vision boards are extensively used by CEOs, entrepreneurs, project managers, celebrities, athletes, aspiring superstars and even by many military leaders.

The use of vision boards is also extremely common by those who intentionally govern their own law of attraction. Many people claim enormous success and or life changing miracles with the use of vision boards. In fact, many people refuse to live their lives without them.

When created and used correctly, especially for the use of visualization, vision boards play a major role in reprograming your RAS.

When you are stimulating your brain with visual images, words, symbols and quotes as well as the associated emotions, you are essentially training your Reticular Activating System to filter all incoming data. As a result, your RAS will change its filtering algorithm to select only the data that it thinks is valuable or supportive to whatever you currently think, believe or are trying to achieve.

This filtering of data starts to shape both your conscious and subconscious mind and ultimately your awareness. As a result, you start to specifically notice the people, information, solutions and events that relate to anything that you currently believe, desire or are trying to achieve.

Let us further breakdown how vision boards impact our Reticular Activating System.

Vision Boards Help Create Clarity

A vision board acts as the first intermediate transformation of our dreams and desires into a well and planned reality. Vision boards help us gather and organize a collective set of matching thoughts and emotions that are highly targeted to a specific goal or the overall outcome of our lives. The process of creating a vision board allows us to carefully evaluate our current dreams and desires as well as explore new ones.

As a result, the process of idealizing and making a vision board helps us to obtain clarity in what we truly want our lives to look like. When completed, a vision board becomes a tangible representation of where you are going, who you want to be or whatever it is that you are trying to achieve. Ultimately, its a representation of how you truly want to live your life.

As a result of this creative process, we are changing our thoughts, intentions, and emotions which in turn reprograms our RAS. This reprograming now alters the filtering algorithm of the RAS to select data that better matches and supports our newly defined and organized goals, intentions and desires.

Additionally, when we have pure clarity and our thoughts and related emotions are in perfect alignment, the filtering algorithm of the RAS is no longer confused and stops selecting conflicting or irrelevant data.  

As a result, the RAS now becomes a finely tuned filtering system that is able to better select data that will match perfectly to your dreams and desires giving you better and faster results.

Helps Visualization

Visualization is a major influence in reprograming your RAS. When we visualize our intended desires and the achieved outcome, we are essentially transmitting new thoughts, emotions and related desires to our RAS. This process triggers the RAS to change its filtering algorithm to now select relevant and supportive data.

For many who struggle with visualization, a vision board can truly jumpstart and help maintain the process of visualizing. A well-crafted vision board helps us to define and organize the goals or targets that we want to achieve. This in turn provides the RAS with specific subject targets which enables it to be more accurate in its selective process.

Additionally, if the images, words, quotes and symbols truly resonate with us in a powerful way, it will also stimulate the associated emotions which greatly fuels the visualization process.  The greater the emotions the greater the impact the visualizations will have on the RAS.

Vision Boards Shift Your Mindset

We all have multiple potential realities; however, most people don’t realize that other potential realities exist because their current mindset has blocked or negatively influenced their way of thinking.

Essentially, their matching RAS becomes programed to block their realization that an alternative reality exists. It always existed; they just didn’t see it.

It’s important to realize that when you shift your mindset, it’s like you are manipulating your reality. This is because when you shift your mindset, it not only changes the way you think, it also changes your awareness of the people, things and events that you are exposed to.

Vision Boards Activate Positive Emotional Triggers

As mentioned above, if a vision board is done correctly, the chosen images, words, symbols and quotes should strongly resonate with you and trigger exciting and positive emotions.

Not only will these emotions generate an increased level of determination and commitment, they will also positively influence how we think and make decisions. As a result, this triggers the RAS to now select positive influences and information.

If our emotions are positively dominated then our RAS will strategically select the things, people and events to further support that positive energy and desired outcome.

Conversely, if our emotions are negatively dominated then our RAS will select everything that is supportive of everything being wrong and block everything that is positive.

Start Reprograming Your RAS

Whether you are struggling to make some major life changes or just trying to improve one or more areas of your life, start by reprogramming your RAS through the creation and daily use of vision boards. The possibilities are endless.