Ep 15: Don’t Rebuild Yourself, Reinvent Yourself – Motivational Speech | John Goodyear

We all get knocked down, it doesn’t matter our social class, it doesn’t matter our race, our gender, where we live, or even our level of education, we all get knocked down at some point.

The only difference is, what knocks us down is intensely different, either by force or by the rate of repetition depending on our current reality and our level of vulnerability.

Some of us get knocked down repeatedly, it just seams like one relentless hit after another. Some of us only get knocked down a couple of times throughout our lives, but some of those hits can take us down hard and pin us down for a lengthy time.

Some of us get knocked down with failure or unexpected roadblocks. Some of us get lost due to lack of vision so we wander aimlessly through life. Some of us knock ourselves down through lack of effort. Some of us get knocked down with fear, lack of courage, or lack of confidence.

Some of us get knocked down with mental blocks, operating on a false narrative. It’s those demons and chunks of misinformation in our head that convince us that “we can’t” or that we are victims of problems or situations that either don’t exist or at least they don’t affect us.

And sadly, some of us are just born into undesirable situations that knock us down at the start line.

Either way, at some point, at some level we all get knocked off our feet and take a psychological hit.

Don’t Rebuild, Instead, Reinvent Yourself

Those who rise up, those who come back stronger, those who thrive in the aftermath, not only rebuild themselves but they upgrade to a greater version of themselves, many of them upgrade to a version of greatness.

So when you get knocked down, when you get emotionally crushed, and you will,
don’t waste time in rebuilding yourself. Instead, reinvent yourself, upgrade to a greater version of you.

And why, because just rebuilding yourself back to the previous version of you, only places you back into the exact same position that got you knocked down in the first place.

You don’t want that position again, that position makes you far to vulnerable and it will, without a doubt, continue to generate the same undesirable results over and over again.

You need to upgrade to a better version of you that will place you in a better, a more secure position in life. And that my friend, is one of the most important strategies in this game of life.

Now, it’s vital to understand, when you start to reinvent yourself, the old you will conflict with the new you.

Be Prepared For A Major Overhaul

You will need to replace your mindset, your habits, your goals and intentions, you will need to upgrade your knowledge and your skill set.

You will need to change the things, the events, the situations and the people that you pay attention too. You will need to ramp up your mental toughness and your mental resilience.

And for some of us, we will need to relocate, because the toxic environment that we exist in will not allow us to build a greater version of ourselves.

There’s no question, it’s probably going to be hard in the beginning, it’s probably going to be uncomfortable,

However, if your life is already hard and uncomfortable, if you are already struggling, getting knocked down and going nowhere, then why not choose a version of hard and uncomfortable that will allow you to build a greater version of you so you can then live a greater version of life.

Now, it’s vital to understand, before you can effectively reinvent yourself, you’re going to need clarity.

You Must Create Absolute Clarity

You must create absolute clarity about the person you no longer want to be, and the person you want to become.

However, to create absolute clarity, it is imperative that you understand that the new version of you needs to be updated and compatible with the new version of life that you truly desire.

You must be absolutely clear on what the new version of you looks like. You must be absolutely clear on how you want to walk, how you want to talk, how you want to engage with others and how you want others to perceive you.

You must have full recognition of your strengths and weaknesses,
You must have full recognition of your level of intelligence and your level of ignorance.

Why, because those aspects of the current you are going to require the most work, but will produce the most effective changes and deliver the greatest rewards.

Every person has greatness within them, every person has the potential of sculpting the best version of themselves. Every person has the ability to live a greater life, to achieve a more fulfilling and greater reality.

Envision the person you want to become, design it, sculpt it, test it, tweak it, test it again. Repeat the process until you achieve the greatest version of you.

Be Relentless, Be Unstoppable

Don’t allow anything or anyone to stop you from building the greatest version of you. Be prepared to challenge yourself, be prepared to push yourself beyond your limits. Be prepared to force your body, your mind, and your soul into that adaptation response zone.

And know, that without a doubt, that you can do it, that you will succeed at reinventing yourself, that you can and will become the greatest version of you.

And most importantly, protect it. Protect this new version of you because it will be the greatest asset that you will ever own.

Remember, when you start sculpting this new version of you, it will be a process, it will be an evolution. It will take time, it will take work, focus, and discipline.

And there is no doubt, you will make some mistakes and experience setbacks along the way, but these events are opportunities to learn your strengths and weaknesses. Use these opportunities to grow, to adjust, and to build intelligence, integrity, toughness, and resilience.

Give it all you got, go all in, don’t just think about it, don’t just do some basic surface level work that will quickly fade away.

What Version Do You Want to Become

This is your life, and your life is a result of the current version of you, and whatever version of you, that you decide, either way you are “all in” whether you realize it or not,

If the current version of you is doing nothing and wasting your life away, then you are “all in” doing nothing and wasting your life away.

If the current version of you is just half-assing everything, then you are “all in” just half-assing everything.

So ask yourself, what version of you do you want to be “all in” on.?

Do you want to be “all in” doing nothing, wasting your life away, struggling, living a restricted and undesirable life? Or,

Do you want to be “all in” half-assing everything, doing just enough to get by, living a life that is nothing more that just being comfortably miserable. Or,

Do you want to be “all in” reinventing yourself, building the best version of you, a version of greatness, a version that will positively empower you and provide an amazing and fulfilling life, a new life, a new reality that is more than even you can imagine.