Ep 16: Stop Struggling: Success Is The Management Of Obstacles And Opportunities | John Goodyear

Much like life itself, success in anything is nothing more than a game of obstacles and opportunities. And in this game, what exists between you and the potential opportunities for success are the obstacles.

Therefore, those who win at this game, those who thrive, those who achieve success at the highest levels are the ones who know how to effectively seek and optimize opportunities while simultaneously eliminating or navigating around obstacles.


Unlike those who achieve high levels of success, those who experience lifelong struggles direct their time, energy, and focus away from new opportunities and they develop a high acceptance for obstacles in their life.

They will accept and live with the same life-disruptive obstacles day after day to a point where these obstacles become an intrinsic part of who they are.

Sadly, rather than seeking new opportunities and try to diminish obstacles, instead, they blind themselves from new opportunities and they allow obstacles to diminish them.

So, if you want to thrive in this game of obstacles and opportunities, if you want to achieve success in your life, then you must start investing your time, your energy and your focus into new opportunities that will pull you forward and start to eliminate or navigate the obstacles that are holding you back.

Remove The Trash In Your Head

First, you need to look inward. You need to identify and start the process of eliminating the toxic and life restrictive trash that exists in your head. It’s those useless thoughts, beliefs and garbage information that serve no value in your life whatsoever.

And you know exactly what trash I am talking about, it’s all that trash in your head that has nothing to do with achieving success. It’s all that trash in your head that has nothing to do with reaching your full potential or achieving greatness. It’s all that trash that continuously feeds a negative mindset and those mental blocks that convince you that you can’t or that you are a victim.

This toxic trash that exists in your head, is not only a distraction from achieving success and reaching your full potential, it also acts as a form of life paralysis, causing you to remain in a stall pattern or even worse, it forces you to go backwards in life.

You need to eliminate all that toxic trash that exists in your head, and you need to shut down all the sources that are feeding you this life stalling and self-destructive garbage.

Remove Negative People

Secondly, identify and start the process of disassociating with the people in your life who are holding you back. And you know the people I’m talking about. They are the negative influences in your life, it’s those people who are going nowhere and influencing you to do the same.

It’s those people who don’t support your dreams and aspirations and they don’t inspire you to explore your potential or develop your greatness. It’s those who distract you from success, they constantly pull your attention in opposite or circular directions. They waste your time with meaningless activities or corrupt agendas, that add no value to your life. It’s those who drain your energy and dampen your spirit, they create emotional turmoil and disrupt your productive and creative theatre.

You need to seek out and associate with those who are on the same success pathway. Those who are going in the same direction that you desire. Those who will support you and celebrate your wins along the way.

Remember, for most people who are struggling in life, that trash in their heads and their association with the wrong people are the two most destructive obstacles that impede their achievement of success.

Remove The Obstacles

Then thirdly, we need to identify and manage the other obstacles in our lives. These obstacles may present themselves as lack of time, lack of motivation, lack of the correct knowledge and skillset, lack of mental toughness and resilience.

These obstacles may also present themselves as living in a low resource location or toxic environment, lack of social and financial resources, social or cultural restrictions or corruptive ideologies and so on.

Depending on your situation, some of these obstacles can be eliminated or minimized fairly quickly while others will take time and require additional resources.

And of course, as you grow, as you move along the journey of success, more obstacles will present themselves along the way, that is just a part of the process. So as a result, you must continue to eliminate or navigate around these obstacles efficiently, if not they will either stall you or push you backwards.

Focus On Opportunities

During this process of eliminating success destructive obstacles, you need to start to focus on opportunities, Opportunities that will pull you forward toward success and life fulfillment.

But first, you need to develop absolute clarity on the type and level of success you what to achieve. This is vital, you don’t want to chase every random opportunity that exists.

And why, because you don’t want to pursue opportunities that conflict with each other, causing you to run in opposite directions, causing you to split and redirect your time, energy, and focus in multiple directions.

You want to pursue only the opportunities that align with and support the same passion and the same success agenda. You want all your time, all your energy, and all your focus to be pulling in the same direction, at the same time, pursuing the same target. You will need to identify the industry, the space that you want to succeed in, the space that you want to thrive in.

And then, you need to pay attention to the people and the events that exists within that space. And why, because it’s those people and those events that will present the opportunities that will lead to success.

Connect With The Right People

It’ s vital to understand, it’s the right people in your chosen space who will have the connections to both primary and secondary opportunities. It’s those people who can provide information that can help you position yourself within this space you want to thrive in. It’s those people who can help you to develop your ideas and create solutions to your problems.

And, the right people are the ones who will be there for you when you need them the most.

Engage In Events

Also, events are vital. Events within any space, whether they are evolutionary or disruptive will present both primary and secondary opportunities. Events can ignite new ideas as well as help develop existing ideas. Events will present opportunities to acquire specialized knowledge and skillset that will help position you within that space.

And of course, events will also attract unique and high-profile people, the very people that you need to associate with to fuel success.

Some Obstacles Are Gold

And lets not forget Obstacles. Many obstacles that we face in life are actually opportunities in disguise, especially when you are trying to achieve success. And lets, not forget, every obstacle, once challenged and defeated, will provide experience, knowledge, endurance, and even new ideas that will all help accelerate the achievement of success.

Stop Struggling and Go For It

Remember, the opportunities for success are everywhere, some of them are right in front of you, you just have to pay attention to them and strategically pursue them.

So get out there, start the process of eliminating the obstacles in your life and start pursuing the opportunities that can provide you success and fulfillment.

Connect with the right people, invest your time, your energy and your focus into developing your craft and positioning yourself uniquely within that space.

Learn to thrive in your space, be a winner and surround yourself with other winners.

Ignite that passion, chase that dream, envision it, build it, turn that dream into reality, into an amazing success story that you will be proud of.

Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey, celebrate the wins, celebrate the challenges.

Learn to celebrate your life, and always celebrate your success, especially with those who will celebrate with you.