How To Reprogram Your Reticular Activating System (RAS) For Success?

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to acquire tremendous amounts of success while others achieve little or no success at all? Or, why some people quickly see opportunities in areas that others have missed?

Some of the answers to these questions relate to a part of the brain known as the reticular activating system. More specifically, its how the reticular activating system is programmed to filter our incoming data to either support the achievement or failure of success.

The good news is, you can reprogram your RAS to accommodate the achievement of any success on any level. First, you must understand how your RAS configures its filtering system.

Essentially, your RAS responds to factors such as your thoughts, beliefs and intentions.  These factors were all influenced by the people and content that you were previously exposed to as well as the people and things that you have payed attention to the most.

Therefore, in order to reprogram your RAS you must change your exposure and redirect your attention to people and things that support your intended success. Additionally, you must reshape your thinking and beliefs so that they align and support the achievement of your desired success.

The following are some major steps to reshaping your RAS:

Define Your Success

You must consciously be aware of the type and level of success that you truly want, and you must clearly define this intended success in your mind. What will this success look like once achieved and how will it change your life?

All these thoughts and the clearly answered questions will trigger your RAS to form a new filtering algorithm that will now start selecting anything that’s related to, and supportive of, this newly defined type and level of success.

Strengthen Your RAS

You must consciously and continually think about your intended success. Pay close attention to and focus on everything related to achieving this success every day. Read, research, take positive action and pay close attention to, and connect with those who have already achieved this success.

This ongoing process will strengthen and fine tune the filtering algorithm to support this desired success. The more the filtering algorithm favors your intended success the greater your chances of achieving it

Remember, this can’t be something you think about in the beginning and forget shortly thereafter. As soon as you loose focus of your desired success, your RAS will start to reconfigure it’s filtering system. It will then start to select new data that is now related to and supportive of  whatever you are consciously paying attention to.

This is especially true in the beginning stages when your RAS doesn’t have much history to structure a strong foundational filtering algorithm for your intended success. A weak filtering algorithm is at high risk of dissipating quickly, therefore, it must be exercised and strengthened constantly.

Positive Orientation

Develop and maintain a strong and positive orientation toward your intended success and the process of achieving it. It’s important to truly believe that your desired success is achievable.

If you are negative or doubtful then your RAS will select anything to support that belief. It will select information that supports any reason why it won’t work instead of reasons or solutions that support your potential of achieving this success.

Create A Vision Board

This is a topic that many people dismiss because they think it’s unnecessary or ineffective. However, vision boards are a powerful visualization tool that can help reconfigure the filtering algorithm of your RAS.

Many high performers including athletes, CEO s, entrepreneurs, celebrities, project managers and other high achievers use vision boards extensively to achieve successful outcomes.

For many, the best way to develop and maintain a conscious awareness of the success and to stay on track is to create vision boards. They help you define your goals, help maintain focus daily, and are a constant reminder of why you want success.

The creative process and continued use of a well-crafted vision board greatly help to reconfigure, strengthen and fine tune your RAS.

Reshape or replace your social circle

Being exposed to the correct social environment can effectively propel you toward great success. This is especially true when members of your social groups are positive and supportive people who are also striving for success or have already achieved it.

Many who start out to achieve success for the first time often overlook the importance of a strong, positive and supportive social circle. This is an area that can greatly impact your potential for success in a positive or negative way.

This exposure to positive minded and supportive people will strongly shape your beliefs, your way of thinking, your confidence and strengthen your intentions for success. All of these factors will greatly influence and strengthen the filtering system of your RAS.

Start Reprograming your RAS Today

Redirect your attention and focus, reshape your thoughts and beliefs, and take positive action to achieve your desired success. The more you focus and stay on track the more your reticular activating system will reward you with the associated data that will support your desires including success.