Achieving the Success Mindset – Family and Social Circles

What is your current quality of life and how do you see yourself in the future? Will you be highly successful and living in abundance of wealth, health and happiness or do you see yourself living a much lower quality of life?

Your current quality of life is a result of your previous mindset, it’s the direct result of your previous thoughts and actions. Additionally, the way you see your future is the immediate result of your current mindset. Therefore, it’s important to understand how your mindset affects the quality of your life. It’s also important to realize how your mindset was initially created and how it continues to be influenced by those you associate with.

The Initial Formation Of Your Mindset

We are all born into this world without knowledge and without a pre-influenced mindset. At birth our minds are empty and ready to receive information that will help sculpt the way we think, feel, behave and make decisions.

As we grow with each day we learn from our surroundings, especially from the people in it. At first, our minds will process experiences and interactions with our parents, guardians and other family members. As we get older we develop friendships, attend schools, start careers and engage in social activities.

Consequently, as we grow and experience life we form a mindset which is greatly influenced by the thoughts and behaviors of other people, especially those in our immediate social circles including our families.

It’s vital that we evaluate the quality of our interactions with the people in our lives. We need to determine how their influences have shaped our mindset, whether it’s propelling us to achieve success or resigning us to failure. Does our current mindset allow us to live life to the fullest or has it trapped us in mediocrity or possibly a life of misery and despair?

Influences Of Family Members

Achieving Success Family - Affluent Vitality

You may have the most loving, caring and fun-filled family on the planet, however, they may lack the success based knowledge, beliefs and proper decision-making skills needed to shape your mindset for wealth and success.

Many families have negative deep-rooted beliefs and attitudes about achieving success and money.  Unfortunately, those raised in this type of family environment usually develop similar beliefs and attitudes that psychologically trap them in low-income situations.

It’s also important to recognize and avoid toxic family members who are negative and have degrading or abusive attitudes and behaviors. These types of people are emotionally draining and will distract you from achieving your full potential in life.

In both these situations, you need to explore beyond your current life and expand your social connections. It’s important to align yourself with those who can share their success based knowledge and help you reshape your mindset for success.

In contrast, those who are raised in positive and highly successful families naturally adopt a success based mindset due to the positive beliefs and attitudes instilled. This positive way of thinking commonly creates an “anything is possible” mentality. They generally don’t waste their time, energy and focus on negative events that have little or no value in their quest for wealth and success.

Additionally, their beliefs and attitudes are usually growth based and financially responsible. They encourage and instill strategies for achieving and managing wealth and success.

Influences Of Social Circles

Quite commonly, most people within a social circle are usually of the same social class, whether it’s poor, middle, or upper-class. Each social circle contains an average mindset of the people within it.

Who you associate with and pay attention to the most will greatly influence your mindset thus determining your level of wealth and success in life.

Even though everyone within a specific social circle are different, they all possess similar beliefs, attitudes, interests and a way of thinking which determines a specific way of life. Consequently, it’s this similar mindset which determines their overall level of wealth and success.

If the people in your social circles are highly ambitious, wealthy and successful, chances are you will be influenced and motivated to be the same. Conversely, if your social circles have little or no ambition in life and have no desire or determination to be wealthy and successful, then likely you will acquire the same attitudes.

Influences Of Co-workers And Associates

Considering you spend most of your day with co-workers and associates, they too, greatly influence your way of thinking. It’s important to connect with positive success-minded colleagues who share the same ambitions and desired lifestyle.

Always avoid the negative and low ambitious people in your workplace. They usually waste time complaining and talking about things that have little or no value. They are usually emotionally draining and distract people away from their dreams and desires.

Change Your Associations, Change Your Life

If achieving success is important to you then you must evaluate your current mindset and the people in your life. Avoid the negative and low-ambitious people and start associating and paying attention to those who currently live the life that you desire.

This is your life, it’s your choice to live it to the fullest. Create new social circles with like-minded people who share the same values that support your desired lifestyle. Surround yourself with those who are success minded, those who talk about and thrive for success and especially those who are achieving success.

It’s important to realize, the quality of the thoughts, beliefs and actions of your social circles greatly influence the quality of your mindset. Consequently, your mindset determines the level of your success and the quality of your overall lifestyle. Your influenced mindset will either decrease, stall or increase your wealth and success.