Will That Dream Car Make You Happy? 5 Things to Consider

The debate rages on whether material things like dream cars can bring us happiness and fulfilment. While the minimalists, the haters, and the automotive dream seekers continue to duke it out, let us explore the reality and basic psychology of owning such a passion inspired vehicle.

While a select few get to enjoy ownership of a dream car or a collection of them, others only get to dream about them. But why do we dream of owning such a vehicle? What is the attraction and will it truly bring us happiness and fulfillment?

Purpose And Intentions

First things first, acquiring any pleasure or luxury items only generate happiness and fulfillment when a true passion is rewarded and it becomes a positive experience. Conversely, acquiring material things on a superficial level often results in weak and short-term emotional satisfaction. Such a purchase can quickly result in disappointment and buyer’s remorse.

Ask yourself this question, why do you want a dream car or a collection of them? If your goal is to fulfill a passion then you are on the right track. However, if it is for some superficial reason, then you are sadly wasting your time and money.

Far too often, many people purchase pleasure vehicles for all the wrong reasons. For some, it’s to compete with friends, family members, neighbours or co-workers. For others, it’s to inflate their ego or an opportunity to show off and feel cool. Sadly, others fall victim to retail therapy by trying to fill a void in their lives or to emotionally leverage a low point they are experiencing.

Always evaluate the true reason why you want to make such a purchase decision.

The Power Of Passion

The passion for a dream car is realized when the allure is undeniable. It’s when you can’t stop thinking about it, you struggle to look away. It’s when the craving to interact consumes you.

To achieve happiness and fulfillment from any material object, one must be truly passionate about it. Without passion, it just becomes another material thing resulting in weak and sort-term satisfaction.

For many enthusiasts, their passion is solely to experience the visual presence of a dream car or the collection of them. They get drawn in by the styling, the way the light reflects off every curve and how the shadows further exaggerate the styling profiles. It’s the emotional connection with the unique collaboration of shapes, colors and textures. These elements form the overall visual presence of a vehicle, or in many cases the collection of them.

For others, it’s the combination of the visual and interactive experience that drives their passion for certain vehicles. It’s the ability to be at one with style and function, to experience that spectacular man-machine interaction. It’s when the vehicle becomes a magical extension of their ability and personality.

It’s important to evaluate your emotional connection to your prospective dream car. Will it create a positive emotional experience? How do you feel in its presence? Do you crave to see it, feel it or to drive it? Does your heart rate accelerate to the sound of the running engine and tonal energy of the exhaust note?

To experience strong and long-term happiness and fulfillment from your intended dream car, it must provide an emotionally rewarding experience.

Matching Your Personality

Picking a Dream Car that matches your personality - Affluent Vitality

The automotive spectrum of dream cars can quench the thirst of any automotive enthusiast. This spectrum ranges from the sophisticated ecstasy of a multi million dollar Keonigsegg to the artistic mayhem of a sinister rat rod. Within this spectrum exists categories such as vintage, classic, muscle, sport, super, hyper, and performance sport compact just to name a few.

Most car enthusiasts know exactly what they truly desire. However, many buyers fall victim to factors such as the influential taste of their peers, budget restraints or the limited selection in their local area.

Choosing the right ride for “you” is essential for long term happiness and fulfilment. For example, buying a piece of European refinement will not satisfy your desires if your true passion is the thunderous roar of raw American muscle, and vise versa.

To truly generate happiness and fulfilment from such a purchase, it’s vital that you choose a style that resonates with your true passion, personality and comfort level.

Having The Time To Enjoy

For some dream car owners including collectors, a large part of their enjoyment is solely admiring the beauty of their ride(s). For others, true fulfilment is realized during the driving experience or through social get-togethers such as car shows and cruise nights.

Unfortunately, for many, happiness and fulfilment is never experienced because their busy lives prevent them from enjoying their dream car(s). This situation often results in vehicle neglect, either collecting dust in a garage or deteriorating in a backyard. Consequently, owners in this situation generally experience anxiousness or regret and are usually forced to sell.

Some owners force themselves to enjoy their dream cars regardless of their life situation. Unfortunately, without careful evaluation, this decision can cause distraction or neglect in other areas of their lives, often resulting in undue family conflicts.

Financial Strain

Buying your dream car should add enjoyment and fulfillment to your life, but not at the cost of financial strain. Whether paying cash or taking out a loan, always consider the other associated costs including insurance, maintenance, fuel consumption and storage.

It’s vital to understand, lacking essentials in other areas of your life and or experiencing stress due to additional financial strain will quickly strip away any happiness that would have been acquired.

Time To Evaluate

A dream car must be something that you are truly passionate about and fulfils a deep desire. It must suit your personality, fit your desired lifestyle and match your family values without causing strain or neglect in other areas of your life.

Remember, a dream car of any sort is meant to add positive emotional and lifestyle value. It’s meant to create an experience that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Purchase wisely and enjoy!