Understanding The Impact Of Disruptive Events And Who Will Benefit And Thrive

Life on this planet provides us with beauty and endless opportunity. However, from time to time it challenges us with disruptive events like natural disasters, pandemics, global unrest and so on.

The impact of a disruptive event will generate some form of evolutionary shift by forcing change on many aspects of our lives. These changes alter the dynamic of social behaviour and business practices especially in regions that have suffered greatly.

These events often disrupt and alter global corporations, trade, technology, the financial world, and global health care including bio tech. Most individuals, industries and governments will adjust, and course correct in an evolutionary manner.

Forced changes alter the way we think, behave, and perform due to necessity, adaptability, and survivability. While most changes are initially intended to be temporary, they ultimately sculpt a new normal until the next disruptive event emerges.

What we are currently experiencing is a forced evolution of existence or what Arianna Huffington refers to as a modern-day crucible: an event, moment or experience that transforms us.

This forced evolution of existence or crucible generally results in changes that make us stronger and better than before. As we live through such an event, we are forced to discover our strengths and weaknesses. Some we already knew but ignored while others took us by surprise.

Naturally, we try to capitalize and expand our strengths and improve or eliminate our weaknesses. Ultimately, we become more resilient to unexpected events of both a similar and different nature.


Who Benefits The Most From Disruptive Events?

Like any disruptive event in life, how we react determines our level of success or failure, survivability, and our continued trajectory. Of course, how we react is controlled by our mindset and the new information and experiences that influence it.

In essence, its our ability to recognize, avoid or overcome obstacles while we recognize and pursue opportunities. However, our success rate is reliant on intelligence and compassion.

During these events, many will suffer greatly, get lost, left behind, or allow a temporary situation to negatively affect the rest of their lives. Conversely, others will thrive with tremendous personal and business growth and success.

Here are some determining factors that determine our overall resilience and outcome.

The Ability To Adapt 

The ability to adapt is one of the most important factors in survival and success. Its our adaptability that allows us to be fluid and evolve with the changing situation.

Those of us who are easily adaptable can quickly learn, grow, and alter our mindsets and behaviours to match the evolving situation. This adaptability allows us to keep moving forward and to always be in an updated state.

Focusing On The Positive Instead Of The Negative

What drowns many people during disruptive events is self inflicted imbalance. Its the overconsumption of negative media, the associated misery and exposure to other negative minded people. This results in a mental blindness to hope, recovery and the potential for moving forward.


However, success-oriented people are always finding ways to stay positive and move forward. They often avoid being consumed by negativity and never remain in a stall position; they are always moving forward.

Those who overcome and thrive with growth and success always invest their time, focus and energy on a desired outcome instead of the current reality. They only pay attention to negative aspects for the purpose of finding weaknesses that need to be fixed.

They try to identify a solution, need or demand that not only moves society forward but has the potential for growth or other opportunities.

As a result, with every disruptive event, there is always an emergence of new innovative ideas and businesses. Those who emerge with growth and great gains are those who are actively learning and adapting to the current evolution.

Essentially, they use these events to gage where they are and where they want to go. They use it as a fuel to grow, to evolve into a better and more resilient version of themselves.

Generally, these success-oriented people don’t see their current weaknesses and instabilities as part of their future. Instead, they see it as a starting point for change and improvements towards a new reality, a new way of life.

Seeing The Opportunity To Reset

Far to often, many people have been trapped in careers or business ventures that they hate, jobs that are robbing their lives or robbing their passion for higher levels of success and life fulfillment. Sadly, many people in this position don’t take the time to look beyond their current situation to see a greater reality.

However, others who find themselves out of work due to stay at home orders or economic shutdown see this as an opportunity to change their life or business trajectory. They take this down time to evaluate areas of their life or business that wasn’t working or was taking an unhealthy toll on their lives.

Its at this point, they realize that living in debt puts them in a vulnerable position. They also realize that spending their lives at something that doesn’t fulfill them passionately or financially is a waste of life. Its at this moment they realize that this is the perfect time for a life altering change.

They begin the process of redirecting their focus, to evaluate and explore what fulfills them. They also begin to reignite their passions and find ways to incorporate them into life-fulfilling revenue generators.  

Equally important, they take necessary measures to support this new life or business trajectory. They change what and who they pay attention to, perform research, change their habits, make new connections, take online courses, and so on.

This group of people will design and execute a new life plan, a new road map to a better life. They will design a life that will provide better health and higher levels of wealth and life fulfillment.

Pay close attention to the changing situation, the evolution. Be ready to expand your strengths and improve your weaknesses accordingly. Be ready to adapt and grow with the evolution. Always do whatever it takes to survive and prosper throughout the process.