How your social circle can influence your mindset

Do you feel that you are trapped in a specific social class or live an undesirable lifestyle? Do you feel frustrated that your income has plateaued? Furthermore, do you feel that your health is declining or you lack the enrichment of happiness?

Who Is Influencing Your life?

Here is something to truly think about. Are the people in your life controlling your success and lifestyle by shaping your mindset? Are they psychologically dragging you down with negativity or are they inspiring you to be successful in all aspects of your life?

Are the people in your social circles truly adding positive psychological value, driving you to be the best “you” possible?

Unfortunately, many people get trapped in non-ambitious or negative social circles and environments. For some, they just get comfortable in low or average achieving social environments. Under those circumstances, they don’t challenge themselves to become any more than what they currently are.  Usually, they just copy what others around them are doing and they accept the undesirable outcome. Typically, this results in basic living and of course the lack of inspiration for personal growth and true happiness.

For others, they are exposed to toxic people who inflict negativity and are generally degrading. People in this situation normally develop low self-esteem and underestimate their potential for success and personal growth. In some toxic environments, the exposure to addictions and criminal activity may be present. Unfortunately, this type of exposure will always distract the mind away from any positive desires for achievement in success and personal growth.

Evaluating Your Social Circle.  

Your social groups, which include family, friends, close neighbors, co-workers or business associates can and will influence your mindset which will affect your level of success in all aspects of your life including your wealth, health and happiness.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn who was considered by many to be the greatest business Philosopher of our time often said “Yoo are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. This philosophy is true for every aspect of your life and it also supports the timeless adage “The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. It relates directly to the people who we associate with and who we pay attention to the most. Our life becomes what we know and experience and of course the people in it help shape our attitudes, beliefs, our way of thinking and how we make decisions.

 This is something that most unsuccessful and low ambitious people rarely consider and as a result, they fail to realize the negative or neutral influences that shape their current mindset.  However, highly successful people evaluate this aspect of their life constantly and they continue to improve their social skills to attract positive or growth minded people in their lives.

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Social Circles For The Optimum Lifestyle

Most high achieving people have multiple social groups that share a diversity of people who thrive in achieving wealth, health and most importantly the mastery of happiness. This diversity is important to support and inspire you to achieve your optimum lifestyle.

If you desire to achieve the perfect life and to be the greatest that you can be, then you need to evaluate and make the needed changes to align your mindset to the frequency that supports your dreams and desires. Therefore, it is extremely important to surround and associate yourself with people who possess the same mindset.

It’s time to evaluate and restructure your social groups. Choose people who will inspire, motivate, encourage and challenge you to be even better than you can imagine. And remember if you want to continue to grow you must continue to meet new and interesting people throughout your life. Your social circle should always be evolving.