Ep 7: Retirement With a Purpose: Finding Your Essence | Sharon Rolph

In this episode Sharon Rolph talks about life after retirement, the importance of discovering your unique spark and potential to live a more engaged, fulfilling and joy filled life. Sharon also talks about finding your purpose as a retiree and how it positively impacts the quality of retirement life.

Who is Sharon Rolph?

Sharon Rolph retired in 2016 from Boeing as a Behavioral Scientist, enrolled in coaching classes and became an Essence & Retirement Coach. It was the perfect way to extend her facilitation skills and career. She has the right tools to bring out your unique, one-of-a-kind greatness using your inner wisdom. She’s like your LifeSaver for discovering your heaven-on-earth joy!

When Sharon retired from Boeing in 2016, she soon started bouncing off the walls trying to figure out how to be productive. So she began putting the skills she’d used as a Behavioral Scientist at Boeing and developed a personal Essence Statement. This Essence Statement enabled her to fully live each day from her inner spark.

Sharon went on to create podcasts, workshops, speaking engagements, and coaching programs that empower retirees to discover their unique spark and potential to live a more engaged, fulfilling, and joy-filled life.

Her book “FRESH COURAGE in Retirement” is available on Amazon.

Sharon is now known as the Queen of Courage on Instagram.

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