Ep 5: How Your Thoughts And Your Perspective Impacts Your Reality | Jeremy Bennett.

In this episode, the three-time published author and speaker Jeremy Bennett talks about mental toughness, how our thoughts impact how we feel, the importance of changing our perspective, how to calm the mind, meditation, defusing needless arguments and much more.


Who is Jeremy Bennett?

Having been diagnosed at a young age with anxiety, Jeremy knows first hand the effects of mental illness.

He is known for his statement, mental illness is as real as a broken bone.”

After Jeremy reached out for professional help, he was able to put the struggle of severe anxiety behind him.

However, even after his struggle with anxiety, he noticed that he still struggled with more everyday type issues. Issues like falling asleep, taking things personally, being stuck in his head, etc. consumed him regularly. These are the type of issues that Jeremy helps people with all over North America.

In 2006, Jeremy graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a degree in Psychology. He is the published author of three books including his most recent, Calm Your Mind: Transform Your Life.

Because of his work in encouraging those suffering with mental health issues to reach out for professional help, he was selected to be one of five faces to represent Canada during Mental Illness Awareness Week in the late 2000s.

In 2012 he was appointed a World Youth Ambassador and in 2013 awarded, Personality of the Year by The World Organization of Natural Medicine.

Today he shares his message with his 100 000 plus subscribers through his Blog, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channel.

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