Ep 2: Detoxing Your Life (With A Purpose) With Grace Buffa

In this episode Grace Buffa shares the importance of detoxing our lives by decluttering and managing our diet, living spaces, social circles, social media, news and most importantly our minds. Grace explains, by detoxing our lives, by removing clutter and other things that does not serve us well, we have more clarity, we live happier lives and experience less stress.


Who is Grace Buffa?

My guest Grace Buffa is the owner and founder of Life Journey Coaching LLC. Grace is an ICF Certified Health and Wellness Transformational Coach, Speaker, Mindset Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner and a Licensed Physical Therapist

Grace’s mission is to help people with work/life integration while helping them manage their weight, low energy, and stress levels. Grace achieves this by creating small manageable changes in their lifestyle so they can love their body, their life and age well.

Grace’s journey has started out over 20 years ago when she started helping people heal as a Physical Therapist. After 8 years of working in a busy Physical Therapy department , she became a mom and stayed at home to raise her children.

Life looked good from the outside. On the inside, she had struggled with bouts of depression, as this was a huge transition for her. She thought by giving all her time and energy to her family that she was being a good mom and spouse. Little did she know that not having her own passions, dreams and desires to fulfill that she was living an unbalanced life that was depleting her and keeping her from living a life she fully loved.

Her journey evolved over the last 13 years or so as her love for studying nutrition, becoming a yoga teacher and finally a Certified Coach has lead her on a journey of self-discovery.

She found out that wanting to fulfill desires and needs for herself didn’t make her a bad mom, as she learned how to shift her mindset and through habit change she learned how to balance her passion for helping others in her career all the while raising her family.

Grace understands how important it is to balance her life in order not to experience burnout as well as be preventive in her health to continue to live the life she loves. When she found balance she became a better mom, spouse, business owner and leader in her community.

So taking time for self care and stress management is a vital part of being preventative in her over all physical and mental health. This is the cornerstone on how she thrives in all areas of her life.

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Also be sure to check out Grace’s first book “Losing weight is a spiritual Journey. Stop Chronic Dieting with 5 Steps to Love your Body and your Life”