Ep 10: Vital For Life Achievement – The Power Of Mindset, Optimism And Goal Setting | Jeevan Matharu

In this episode of the LifeOnyx Podcast Jeevan Matharu talks about life transformation and how the correct mindset, the power of optimism and setting goals is the key to success. Jeevan breaks down each aspect and explains how they positively affect our personal and business growth and life achievement.

Who is Jeevan Matharu?

Jeevan Matharu is an author, transformational coach, financial adviser and retirement planner.

Jeevan was listed in the Times Newspaper as one of the top financial advisers in the UK in 2021.

Jeevan has acquired numerus qualifications in Life Coaching, Psychology, and Counselling and he is an avid researcher in philosophy and socialism.

Additionally, Jeevan is a member of Mensa (which means an IQ in the top 2%) and he is currently ranked as the 11th top player in the UK, for weight u73kg in Judo.

Check out Jeevans first book “Become a person of value”

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