5 Vital Habits And Traits Of The Wealthy

Many people often wonder what makes the wealthy different from everybody else. Why do some people struggle in many aspects of their lives while others flourish with high levels of financial success and life fulfillment?

Surprisingly, there is no secret or magic blessing that propels the wealthy to the top. Success is achievable for anyone with the correct mindset. A mindset that holds just the right mixture of habits, beliefs and actions that move them toward what they truly want and away from everything they don’t want.

While not all wealthy people implement everything on this list to acquire wealth and success, they naturally or strategically use some of these in the right combination.

They Live Their Lives By Design

Unlike the non-wealthy who generally take life as it is presented to them, the wealthy usually live their life by design. This is undoubtedly one of the greatest factors to becoming wealthy or achieving success of any kind.

The wealthy are acutely aware of everything that can distract them, waste their time and potentially pull them away from achieving their desired way of life. They truly understand the power of focusing only on the things, people and events that will bring them closer to their desired goals and lifestyle.

It’s no secret that highly successful people focus primarily on what they want rather than what they don’t want. They rarely get consumed by negative life situations or focus on everything that is wrong. Instead, the wealthy set lifestyle and success-oriented goals and redirect their entire focus and energy into achieving them. Furthermore, they focus on their potential and opportunities that will move their lives in the direction that they want it to go.

Essentially, most highly successful people live their lives partly or entirely by the law of attraction. Many of them don’t even realize it, it’s just their nature. They decide how they want their life to be, they believe that it’s possible and they invest all their focus and energy into achieving it. They simply avoid anything that is of little or no value to their intended success and lifestyle.

They Spend Money To Make Money

We all know the wealthy like to spend money to support their extravagant lifestyle. However, it’s important to understand what money they use to support this lifestyle.

The wealthy are renowned for using money to make more money. For instance, if a wealthy person acquires 100K they don’t generally spend it all on material things and lifestyle. Instead they will invest it to multiply it. Eventually the 100k grows to 200k, then 500k and so on. With this intention, the money they spend on their lifestyle is a percentage of money that was earned from previously invested money, not the originally acquired money.

We see this habit of investing with many celebrities who expand their financial empires by building their own product lines of perfume, jewelry, home décor products, apparel and so on.

Conversely, when the non-wealthy acquire money they spend it, and usually, they spend it all. Generally, almost everything they spend their money on eventually will cost them more money for such things as maintenance, insurance and other required care or services. Unfortunately, their spending habits rarely include investing in revenue generating assets that will continue to generate new money.

This “spend it all” mindset of the non-wealthy creates a scenario where they spend money at a faster rate then they acquire it. This usually results in a continued financial struggle and escalating debt loads. This “spend it all” mindset is the main reason why the non-wealthy usually become broke again shortly after they win the lotto or acquire large sums of money.

The reality remains, the non-wealthy live their entire lives continuously working for money while the wealthy have their money work for them.

They Choose Their Content Consumption Wisely

The Wealthy Choose Content Consumption Wisely - Affluent Vitality

The wealthy generally consume content that adds value to their lives in some way.  Essentially, they are attracted to content that resonates with and supports their dreams, intended success and desired lifestyle.

In his book “Rich Habits” Thomas Corley states that 67% of wealthy people watch less than one hour of TV per day. Conversely, 77% of the non-wealthy watch much more then one hour of TV per day.

Other sources have indicated that not only do the non-wealthy watch more TV than their wealthy counterparts but the content quality they consume is much lower. Generally, it consists mainly of mindless drama or other content that adds little or no value to achieving a higher level of success or lifestyle.

Other statistics show a similar trend in other areas such as news media and online content including social media. Generally, highly successful people usually avoid most types of content that the non-wealthy become consumed with.

For the wealthy, they generally avoid news media because they understand that it is a negative bias portrayal of reality. They generally only engage in the online world to build and promote their business and keep in touch with others who share the same interests and desires of success and lifestyle.

Additionally, the wealthy, in general, take every opportunity to read or engage in audio books or videos that are mostly related to success and lifestyle enhancement. This type of content consumption shapes a success orientated mindset.

They Choose Their Friends Wisely

We’ve all heard the saying “Birds of a feather flock together”. The truth behind this saying supports the logic that people with similar interests and intentions naturally resonate with each other. While this is also true for the wealthy, there is also a strategic reason at play for the union of most social circles of highly successful people.

Wealthy people understand that success is achieved by paying close attention to success, not failure. They also understand that we become what we pay attention to and focus on the most. This is especially true regarding those who we typically associate with. As a result, highly successful people strategically position themselves around other highly successful people.

This social strategy connects the wealthy with other success minded people, allowing them to acquire the correct knowledge, mindset, habits and intelligent decision-making skills. Most importantly, it keeps them connected to those who can provide potential opportunities for continued success.

They Focus On And Prepare For The Future

The wealthy understand that the world is always changing.  They position themselves intellectually and financially for both the expected and the unexpected. They pay close attention to changing trends and events and figure out ways to prepare and adapt for it.

Additionally, the wealthy also understand that change always presents potential for new money-making opportunities. They recognize that with every change in life there will be a demand for new products or services that will allow society to adapt or overcome.

Join The Wealthy

If your goal is to join the wealthy, then you must reshape your mindset and focus. Be aware of who or what you are paying attention to and always evaluate your actions and behavior.

In whatever you do, always ask yourself these questions. How is this benefiting my life? Will this make me wealthier?  Will this make me healthier? Will this support my happiness and bring me closer to the life that I truly desire?

Remember, whatever occupies your time and your mind will either consume your life or fulfill it.