Understanding the 5 Main Reasons Why Wealth Is Important

Many of us dream of wealth in times of desperation, especially when experiencing the lack of money. Many of us dream of wealth just because it makes us feel good at that moment, it allows us to feel the joyous sensation of being wealthy when our dreams and desires become reality in our minds.

However, others have no desire for wealth at all, they say that wealth is not important, we don’t need  wealth, we are fine with what we have. Unfortunately, we live on a planet that is ever changing socially and economically and money is the main currency for the trade of goods and services that we need to maintain our lifestyle, and in some cases to survive.

Never underestimate the power of wealth. Wealth gives you the power to live the lifestyle that you truly want, not a lifestyle that you are forced into. It doesn’t matter if your desires are to live in extravagance with a multi million-dollar lifestyle or if you choose to live a life of basic living. You still need wealth to acquire and maintain an optimum lifestyle for you and your family. The following are the 5 main reasons why wealth is important to live the optimum lifestyle.

Importance Of Wealth For The Support Of Health

Acquiring optimum health is paramount to sustain an enjoyable and long-term lifestyle. Wealth is a major supporter for optimum health because it gives you the financial freedom to make healthy choices and avail of any existing health and fitness resources. Unfortunately, in our market place today, the healthier food choices are more expensive than the damaging processed varieties. Fitness, sports and recreational supplies and equipment can also carry hefty prices.  As a result, those who experience lack of wealth have limited access to most average and higher level resources that support a healthy lifestyle.

At some point in our lives we will be forced to deal with known or unexpected health issues. In many cases these issues may be extremely costly and not all health insurance coverage includes all expenses. When dealing with any health issues, it’s important that all focus and energy is invested into the recovery process and not consumed by the stress and anxiety of dealing with any financial strain due to the lack of money.

For those who experience wealth, they are not concerned with the expenses of treatments, medications, travel and accommodations if needed or any other required expenses. Unfortunately, for those who experience the lack of money, these expenses become a major distraction and in many cases, it becomes a serious limitation.

Importance Of Wealth For The Support Of Happiness

We all know that the core of true happiness comes from within and is heavily influenced by our mindset. However, the lack of money can dampen happiness when we are forced to do without the things and experiences that we truly desire. For many of us our happiness can be seriously stripped away by stress and anxiety associated with financial debt or the risk of it.

Having wealth supports happiness by allowing you to live the lifestyle that you truly want for you and your family without suffering from financial strain. The biggest problem with wealthy people that are unhappy is that they are trying to live a lifestyle that they think they want instead of the lifestyle that they truly desire. This usually results from the need to compete with others in their respective social class instead of focusing on their own desires and purpose in life.

Just to put things into perspective, buying a quarter of a million dollar Ferrari for the sole purpose of having a piece of driveway jewelry because the neighbor has a piece of driveway jewelry will not support true happiness. The purchase of such an item will only support happiness if it’s what you truly desire and possess an enriched passion for. Its important that you target the things and experiences that truly generate positive and long-term emotions instead of the common short-term superficial joy which will quickly leave you dissatisfied.

Importance Of Wealth For Unexpected Challenges

As amazing as life is and no matter how well we position ourselves we still need to deal with unexpected challenges from time to time. These unexpected challenges can consist of health issues both physical and mental, tragedy and loss, natural disasters, legal issues and the list goes on.  In some unexpected situations, you may be forced to rebuild your entire life.

If faced with any of these challenges you want the financial ability to rebuild as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to the lives of yourself, your family and everyone else involved. Many people underestimate the value of a speedy recovery and fail to realize that any negative situation or challenge should only be temporary and not long term or dictate the rest of your life.

The mindset of many people is to rely on charity groups and organizations for these situations. Charity will eventually get you back on track at some level. However, it is important to realize that in many cases charitable resources are limited which may result in a prolonged or incomplete recovery. Wealth however, will give you access to all available resources needed and minimize a prolonged disruption. And of course, having wealth will also diminish the stress and anxiety associated with the lack of money when faced with the rebuilding process.

It’s important to always sustain a higher level of wealth than what you think you need because you never know what financial demands the future holds.

Importance Of Wealth For Helping Others

One of greatest gifts associated with acquiring wealth is the ability to give back to society. This may include helping individuals in need or supporting community groups and charitable organizations. Wealth can also give you the power to fund community events and needed public infrastructure that will help strengthen social and cultural values.

On a more personal level, for those of us that have the privilege to see our parents live out their final years, there is no greater honor in life than the financial ability to provide the best comfort, care and assisted living available.

Importance Of Wealth For Healthy Retirement

There will come a time in our lives when we are ready to retire from our careers or business ventures. It’s at this point that wealth will play a major role in maintaining the standard of living that we have designed and built for ourselves. This is where all your investments and planning into your wealth, health and happiness pays off.  Your retirement represents the rest of your life and the achievement of an optimum lifestyle will allow you to enjoy it the way you want without the burden of debt or financial restraint.

Now that you understand the importance and the power of wealth, it’s time to develop a new mindset and start building your wealth. This will allow you to live life to the fullest without any financial stress. Wealth is a major component in achieving an optimum lifestyle.