Prevent Life Restrictions and Expense With a Healthy Lifestyle

The greatest gift in life is the natural state of being healthy and experiencing happiness. It’s the ability to live life to the fullest without strain or restrictions. It’s the ability to be physically diverse and emotionally balanced, allowing us to live a fulfilling and spectacular life.

Unfortunately, self-neglect and or self-abusive activities create strain and place restrictions on our lives. As a result, our body and mind no longer function properly costing us physical, emotional, social and financial expense.

Avoiding Poor Lifestyle Traps

An unhealthy lifestyle usually results from an incorrect mindset which influences unhealthy habits and behaviours. These usually include poor eating habits, lack of physically activity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or drug use.

Many who live this type of lifestyle either don’t realize it, don’t care, or they are trapped in negative social circles that generally include unhealthy cultural habits and beliefs. For others, their unhealthy lifestyle is emotionally triggered.

For many, they have lived an unhealthy lifestyle for so long that it’s all they know. As a result, they don’t have any contrast between being healthy and their deteriorating health. It’s only when they are forced outside of their comfort zone that they begin to realize how restricted their lives have become. Unfortunately, for many, their deteriorating health conditions are not realized until they develop a serious illness or disease.

Avoiding Physical Restrictions

Being physically fit increases mobility and endurance, which greatly increases your quality of life. It eliminates the strain and restrictions associated with being over weight or having insufficient muscle mass due to inactivity.

Being physically fit allows you to participate and enjoy sports and many outdoor activities. This allows for better quality relationships with friends, colleagues and family members including our high energy kids.

Additionally, being physically fit allows you to be more productive. It allows you to perform physical tasks at work or at home quickly and easily without suffering from excessive fatigue and or feeling emotionally drained.

Many strenuous activities, whether recreational or work related can be enjoyable and entertaining for those who are healthy. Conversely, those who are unhealthy generally struggle or can’t participate in many enjoyable activities that life has to offer.

Avoiding The Emotional Cost

Those living a healthy lifestyle enriched with physical activity and healthy eating habits generally possess good mental health. Living a healthy lifestyle greatly reduces your risk of depression, anxiety and low self esteem. An active lifestyle not only improves your physical appearance, it also makes you feel better and improves your mood.

Engaging in physical activity causes the release of brain chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. These chemicals are responsible for regulating your mood, managing stress and improving your overall sense of well being. Many experts now consider exercise and physical activities to be the most under utilized antidepressant.

In addition, healthy eating habits provide essential nutrients required to combat stress hormones and support healthy brain chemistry. These essential nutrients include omaga-3 fatty acids, B- complex, vitamin C and E and theanine just to name a few.

Conversely, unhealthy diets are usually high in saturated fats along with highly refined and processed foods which have been shown to increase the risk of depression by 50%. Additionally, many researchers have labeled foods containing artificial coloring, sweeteners and preservatives as psychologically toxic.

Avoiding Social Disruption

Healthy Lifestyle for Social Interaction-Affluent Vitality

Living a healthy and active lifestyle has many benefits for social interaction. Those who are healthier not only look better and experience less health issues, they feel better and have more energy.

Additionally, they experience higher cognitive function allowing them to stay focused and contribute to both social and recreational activities.  As a result, they generally experience higher levels of self esteem and self confidence which enhance social interaction.

Conversely, those living an unhealthy lifestyle, especially to the point of creating health issues often find socializing somewhat challenging, even disruptive. This is especially evident when they experience mobility, endurance and or emotional issues.

Additionally, living an unhealthy lifestyle can be costly to the point of creating financial strain. This in turn, can create emotional issues such as stress which often leads to social withdrawal.

Quality Relationships

By living a healthy and active lifestyle you position yourself to meet and attract others living a similar lifestyle. This greatly increases your chances of finding a quality life partner and friends who posses similar interests and behavioural patterns.

Conversely, those who live an unhealthy lifestyle usually attract and surround themselves with others who live unhealthy lifestyles. Unfortunately, this usually results in relationships that encourage an escalating pattern of self-destructive lifestyle habits and behaviours. Thus, creating a much lower quality of life.

 Avoiding Financial Expense

Many will argue that living a healthy lifestyle can be expensive. This is somewhat true considering the additional expense of sporting equipment, active wear and the higher cost of healthier food choices.

However, let’s not forget the potential financial expense of being unhealthy. The expense of medical treatments, mental health care, prescription drugs, personal appliances, and personal care services can be extremely high. These expenses can sometimes be out of our control and can create enormous financial strain. This is especially true for those who have limited or no health care coverage.

Additionally, some medical treatments or surgical procedures may not be available in your area. Thus, resulting in the added expense of travel, accommodation, etc.

In many cases, these expenses can escalate to the point of forcing some people into bankruptcy or even homelessness.

Additionally, many self-inflicted illnesses and diseases whether physical or mental can create the inability to work for a living. This can drastically impact your income especially if your only source is generated from active income.

Increased financial strain resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle can greatly contribute to emotional and social disruption.  Collectively, these conditions can significantly reduce your quality of life.

Appreciate The Gift Of Life

Not only were we given the gift of life, most of us were blessed into this world with a perfect health status. We were given the perfect opportunity to be the best that we can be and to live a spectacular life.

Always remember that your life is the ultimate gift. Don’t ever disrespect it, don’t ever neglect it and never abuse it. By living a healthy lifestyle, life will be easier, more enjoyable and all your dreams and desires will be achievable.

Respect your life, and your life will respect you.