Ep 8: Helping Parents With Kids Who Have Negative Self Talk | Heidi Horne

In this episode Heidi Horne talks about growth and emotional tools for kids and teens. Heidi talks about the importance of building courage, belief, calm minds, and positive thinking for youth through mindset work and reset, parental and external influences, confidence work, yoga, breathwork and much more.

“IMAGINE what a different world it would be if kids and teens had an emotional tool-box set up from a young age … well before they became an adult” – Heidi Horne

Who is Heidi Horne?

My guest Heidi Horne is a Mindset Specialist, Speaker, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher and Author of the book “Mindflip, Emotional toolbox and positive mindset for kids and teens”.

Heidi’s mission is to help parents who want to help their kids and teens to feel more confident, calm, and positive but don’t know where to start. Heidi feels that her purpose in life is to give parents, kids, and teens, the tools to live their best life and reach their true potential.

Throughout her career, Heidi has worked with parents, kids and teens, CEO’s and their employees as well as corporate highflyers.

Through 25 plus years of research and experience, Heidi has found that kids and teens need easy, actionable, and proven techniques to help them deal with everyday stress, worry, fear, sadness, and the sheer “busy-ness” of life.

Heidi’s method incorporates bite sized chunks that can be consumed in under five minutes, using mindset, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness.

This technique allows kids and teens to quickly develop a growth mindset, feel positive, believe in themselves, and achieve their own version of greatness.

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