6 Fantastic Benefits Of Being Wealthy

Have you ever dreamed of being wealthy? Maybe you have already started your journey to join the affluent? If so, here’s a glimpse of how wealth may change your life.

This article off course is a generalization and there are always exceptions due to variations in mindset. When we refer to the wealthy, we are referring to those who have continually sustained high levels of financial and emotional control in every aspect of their lives.

Financial Freedom

Off course, the greatest benefit of wealth is financial freedom. Despite common beliefs, financial freedom is much more than being debt free. Those who are truly wealthy understand that money is just a tool for manipulating their reality.

When used properly, money can create and expand options and opportunities in both our personal and professional lives. It can also support in the elimination or decrease of the expected and unexpected challenging situations.

“Financial freedom is the ability to live life the way you truly desire without financial or emotional strain.” 

As you continue to read on, you will realize that financial freedom is also the core supporter of the additional benefits listed below.

Greater Options and Opportunities

The more wealth we generate, the more options and opportunities that emerge.  These options are usually of higher quality and generally add greater value and diversity to our lives. Usually, many of these options are often exclusive to the wealthy and largely unknown to the general public.

With respect to material things, higher quality options are usually more exclusive and generally retain or increase in value over time. Therefore, upon resale, the wealthy will usually recover the cost of the purchase and potentially make a profit.

Increased Time Leverage

Not only are the wealthy keen enough to use money to make more money, they also use it to leverage time. They achieve this by simply paying to have things done. They usually have systems in place including technology and human resources that automate and manage many aspects of both their personal and professional lives.

The wealthy generally have a team of people who control and organize their day to day operations. This team usually consists of managers, assistants, gardeners, private chefs, and even private travel agents, who arrange every business trip or vacation to the finest detail.

Remember, we all live with the same 24-hour day. As individuals, we can only physically do so much. Tasks, whether simple or complex, can take hours, days, months or even years to accomplish. However, the wealthy can arrange to have each task completed by the appropriate professionals in a much shorter time.

With the ability to leverage time, the wealthy are not always required to be involved in the immediate process. Therefore, they only need to do the things that are exclusively required of them. This allows extra free time to move on to other things such as creating more wealth opportunities or just enjoying life as they so desire.

To get a greater understanding of how the wealthy use money to leverage time, check out my book “Forge A Wealth Mindset”

Higher Quality Health

Personal Trainers - Affluent Vitality

Globally, studies have shown that on average the wealthy have an additional 20 years of productive lifespan than the less fortunate. In the UK, the London Health Observatory reported a nearly 25-year gap between the affluent and the deprived. In the US, the American Medical Association suggest a 15-year gap.

– Higher Level Of Care

There should be no surprise that the wealthy in general, usually live longer. Due to the abundance of money they can fly around the world to access the most advanced medical and surgical resources that exist. This in turn provides access to world renowned doctors, specialists and experts from around the globe. For this reason, they are not restricted to local hospitals which often experience limitations in quality resources.

– Food and Diet

The wealthy have the privilege to eat as healthy as they desire. There is no secret to the fact that healthier food is more expensive. Additionally, the wealthy have access to a higher quality food selection that is not always available to the general population.

In many major cities, there are elite food service companies that cater exclusively to the wealthy. These services provide the highest quality food available in the form of private food delivery including meal prep services. These services are designed to suit many types of diets including vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean and so on.

And let’s not forget, many of the wealthy have personal chefs who specialize in preparing the healthiest foods for the diet of their choice.

– Fitness

For the wealthy, there is no limit to the level of fitness training available. They can choose between elite gym memberships or personal celebrity fitness trainers like Harley Pasternak, Gunnar Peterson and Anna Kaiser just to name a few.

Education And Self Development

With respect to higher education and self-development, the wealthy have access to world class advisors, tutors, mentors, and elite life coaches.  When the wealthy have struggles or just want to take life to the next level they seek personal coaching from the likes of Tony Robbins and Brendan Burchard.

Crisis Management

We can never totally avoid crisis or even general problems that life throws our way. However, being wealthy provides the financial resources needed to prevent, eradicate or at the very least, reduce the seriousness of most situations.

– Legal

Depending on the situation, you may not always be able to eliminate it entirely. However, having the financial resources to hire the best legal team available will greatly increase your chances of at least minimizing it.

– War and Natural Disasters

For the wealthy, they have the ability to quickly evacuate from almost any situation. When there are warnings of civil or political unrest or the potential for life threatening weather conditions, they simply leave without thought. Whether they leave by private transportation or use public transportation, they are not restricted by the lack of money.

Off course there are some situations that occur without warning such as natural disasters, terror attacks and so on. For the super wealthy, they have access to elite classes of insurance that are not generally available to the non-wealthy.

This elite class of insurance provides security extraction or evacuation in the event of distressing or life-threatening situations. If such an event occurs, a S.W.A.T.-like rescue team including medical personnel are deployed to rescue and bring them to safety.

Additionally, many insurance packages that are available to the wealthy also provide recovery of high value material possessions. These possessions include items such as fine art, luxury vehicles, high value collectibles and so on.

Join the Wealthy

Of course, this list is just a few of the endless benefits of being wealthy. Simply put, the wealthier you become, the more options and opportunities you will be presented with in both your personal and professional life.  As a result, every aspect of your life will exist on a much higher level.

Do you want to build a life of luxury with multiple dream homes around the world? Maybe you want to visit exotic locations and experience the wonder that the world has to offer. Do you want to greatly contribute to society or to the world as a whole? Maybe you have a passion to support charity or global humanitarian efforts.

Just remember, as a member of the wealthy, you can have or do whatever you want. Your ability to do more escalates in proportion with your level of wealth.